Riverdance Animated Film 

Riverdance The Movie is in production in Montreal, Canada, but the film's voice cast has yet to be revealed.

Inspired by the multi-platinum Grammy Award-winning phenomenon, Riverdance, the animated musicial comedy will reintroduce the legendary stage show to a new generation in a way never before seen or experienced.

The story follows a young Irish boy, Keegan, and his Spanish friend, Moya, on a magical journey where they meet Patrick the Megaloceros Giganteus.  Thoughout the film Keegan and Moya learn to appreciate Riverdance as a celebration of life.  

The Irish Dancing industry is abuzz with the news of this animated film as it is a way to create more awareness about the beautiful art of Irish Dance with a new generation of young children.

"This is very significant for the industry," shares Denise Keane, Publisher of Irish Dancing Magazine. "25 years ago when Riverdance debuted, it drove a tremendous amount of growth and interest in the Irish arts and particularly Irish Dance and Irish Trad music. I am absolutely delighted to see Riverdance, once again, reaching out to a new generation in a creative and fun way."  

The website for the film, has an active augmented reality (AR) filter that allows you to dance along in a Riverdance line with Patrick.


The AR filter is activated by clicking by hovering over the QR code with your phone's camera. Within seconds you can dance along with Patrick in a Riverdance line. The website suggests taking a video of you or someone else dancing alongside Patrick and to save the video and share on social media with #riverdancemovie. 





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